This file lists the most important programs used by DWE (author of all programs: Robindro Dutta-Roy). The extension 'pro' denotes IDL programs. The extensions 'c' and 'pgm' denote C-programs, 'pgm'-programs require installation of the SPICE toolkit.

Programs used in Ph.D. thesis of R. Dutta-Roy

This program was used to create the DWE simulation data:
modfr_nospin.pgm version to exclude Huygens spin
modfr_check.pgm verification version

Program to compute the various Doppler contributions to the LOS velocity:

This program computes the error contributions:

Programs to retrieve the zonal wind speed from the simulation data (zonal wind retrieval algorithm):
recovtest.pgm verification version
recovtest_check.pgm another verification version

IDL programs: checks effects of data smoothing plots simulation data and oscillation amplitude computes and plots FFT spectrum summarizes PCO frequency measurements used to plot simulated carrier frequency data plots moving average filter incl. frequency response creates B-plane figure plots simulated frequency and Doppler contributions analysis of PCO carrier frequency measurement (freq., drift, Osc. amplitude, Allan deviation) PTA phase pattern polar plot  PTA phase pattern at fixed elevation Doppler due to PTA phase pattern  plots descent spin profile plots Doppler contributions plots LH atmospheric model plots density and refractivity of Titan neutral atmosphere and ionosphere plots error contributions plots recovered wind profile plots evolution of longitude plots results of algorithm verification displays DWE calibration summarizing results of

Other programs

IDL programs: Compares carrier frequency measurements before and after USO integration USO performance parameters at unit level HK3 parameters PSA parameters DWE parameters selected parameters calculates FFT of NCO displays FFT of NCO NCO-AGC analysis produces NCO and AGC plots and computes FFT of NCO and AGC combined plot of NCO and its FFT Analysis of correlation between NCO oscillations and AGC dynamic power plot DPP color version modified version of, includes AGC display modified version of analysis of relation between USO spurious lines explanation of colors used in analysis of delayed system lock on chain A analysis of PCO carrier frequency measurement (freq., drift, Osc. amplitude, Allan deviation) creates color version of B-plane figure performs DWE calibration of carrier Doppler compensation using PRT switch of receiver modes PTA antenna pattern polar plot PTA antenna pattern at fixed elevation Analysis of HGA pointing error effect (obsolete with new mission scenario)

Programs to analyze USO spurious emissions:

Programs for PCO and PRT analysis:
bltime.c searches block with specified time in PSA- or Probe-HK raw data
hk3.c used to retrieve data from Probe-HK3 stream
hk1.c used to retrieve data from Probe-HK1 stream
hk2.c used to retrieve data from Probe-HK2 stream
hkblock.c displays raw data of Probe-HK block
psablock.c displays raw data of PSA-HK block
psa.c used to retrieve data from PSA-HK stream